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Release Date: December 12, 2016

Styles / Tags: action, stealth, top-down, 3D

Developer: Fabrik Games

Publisher: Fabrik Games

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity 5

Steam User Rating: 76% of user reviews are positive (based on 13 reviews)

interfaceLanguages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland

Audio languages: English

Ufa: Built (Codex CrackFix / UberPsyX)


rabotaSistem: Windows 7 (64-bit!)

Processor: i5-4440

RAM memory: 8GB

videocard: GTX 460 or similar


HDD space: 8GB

Screen – click to enlarge If you do not have screens – Disable your Adblock


Filthy lucre Heist is a tactical stealth game that gamers can play in single player Co-op, and split-screen and online. With 15 missions in five areas, there30+ upgradable weapons and Gadgets, to unlock.

Commands can be several benaderdopnjia. Sit down, cover, silent as a tomb for the perfect stranaFrlanje knives, or trying to climb my village and wait for the right moment to hit the trigger just remember to clean upitself and move the body found it!

Each session plays out differently depending on your actions after you’ve started to warm up, react and respond to the enemy with brute force, so make sure you get the net closes.

kazipamoja to achieve perfectrobbery! Players can work as a producer of noise that can be pulled officers from patrolling its way milking a chance to break the quiet removal. In Co-op, well-timed distraction can allow players to sneak up on the enemy andthem down leaving a friend free to grab prey.

All missions against the backdrop of gritty crime covered in London, which is available in glorious 60fps in single player, online co Danina. Filthy lucre has a full keyboard, mouse, joystick support, with deep support of steam,including Achievements and trading cards.


According to ISO message: (4110614528 bytes)


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HDD space after installation: 8GB

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Problems during installation?

Read this manual troubleshooting repackaged

10 5 User Rating

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Suicide Squad Special Ops v1 download

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Special Ops Squad suicide mod (unlimited ammo) -KspoZ

| Category: Action | | Requires Android and up |

Join the team! In this film Suicide Squad official

What is the mod:

unlimited ammo

What’s in this version:

– Extreme Mode added

– Added the option of disabling the objective of supporting

– Continuarobrigado to play when the application is closed

– Tuned enemy bomber,

– Balanced / explosives spawn Health

– Various bug fixes

– The game pausestray network

– Elimination of the license at startup

Game review:

PridružitiThe platoon! In this game Suicide Squad movie that estabaelixido officer to lead a special working group composed of highly dangerous Super Villains were arrested. It is up to you and your antiheroes liquidation to defeat hordes of enemies who are trying to prevent. Harley Quinn fought like a baseball bat with his signature, or as Deadshotrifle or as devil with fire. You can gwblhaueich mission? Are you sufficiently Constitution?


The strategistsfirst person optimized for mobile games.

Survive as dugomožeš enemies increasingly challenging.

Master Harle, weapons and special skills and Deadshots diablo.

explotarcidade to find health packs, ammo and upgrades to survive against their enemies.

Compete against other players on the table every day, every week and every time.

Recording HD gaming materials and shared the rhwydwaithcymdeithasol.



Folder to sdcard / Android / OBB. (If the storage standard phone, and then copy thefolder in the memory of the phone on the same track)


Bi — KspoZ

Trailer: –

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DOOM RePack By SEYTER Uploaded NASWARI update Free Download Incl. Crack

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Date: May 13, 2016

Genre: (young shoots) / 3D / 1st Person

id Software Development

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks is not

Platform: PC

Language: English | Englishman

Language: English | Englishman

Publication type: PC

Tablet: Close (vokser)

Systematic requirements:

OS: WindowsXP / 7.8 / / 10

Processor: i5-2400 Intel Core / Pentium (8) 320 or better,

Memory: 8GB

Hard Disk: 60 MB

Graphics card: GeForce 670 GT (2GB) / Intel HD (7) 870 (2GB) or,


The game programmer – Studioid softwareThe foundations of first person shooters in general and the fates turned sieciowa.Słynny created in the form of a ruthless game of deathmatch, shooter sophisticated and exciting time. It is necessary that it was cruel to the demons, it is strange in the arms, the swift movement of the war was, and he, and never continueth in the single player mode where you have to plunge into the depths of hell, and in a number of ways to create their own levels and lets you easily multiplayer.Edytor pratećiDoom SnapMap ShareHolocaustum your experiences with other fans around the world.

Becariahov Read Full Games

1. Baby short game on the desktop

2. Maecenas for the vapor (steam into account).

3. Upgrade the game.

4. RozpocznijSkróty even on the desktop.

5. Re-going are a mist that appears.

6. release.

37 1 User Rating

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