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We have problems with the iPhone do not worry, most of the time, there is a solution: restore mode or reset. Unless we learn more easily, so only available when you press buttons at the same time, but only one receives RecBoot click.

Very useful way of firmware

The recovery solution for iOS has many problems that can help you lose access to your device if a firmware update bug that “killed” the iPhone.

Basically you have to press the combinationButtons on the device to make iPhone and recovery. Sometimes it is not possible, especially if the home button on the iPhone touch the damaged. To go into mode you are able to restore him to thank all the bulls without recboot urgently.

RecBoot recovery mode activates three simple steps: Connect the Vash iPhone USB to the PC, run the program, and press the button to enter the recovery mode. When this does not work tibiuti in this way, just press the buttonTo recover to leave the iPhone mode, and return to normal status.

To use it, except under certain circumstances;

They decided they could limit the iPhone users to advanced users in some operations. If you do not know how escheRezhim recommends, do not use it as an active and goes deep into the iPhone operating system in you.

And remember that currently RecBoot only works with 32-bit operating system computers. 64-bit, if the will was done, the program does not work.Let’s hope this will be in future updates of the app.

In addition to these basic needs or older version of iTunes and RecBootkukuruza Framework.

Life-saver for iPhone

RecBoot can bring it to life iPhone has ceased to function when they too because of that need to restore data after updating the firmware failure and its telephonumexistimasti lost. This is extremely useful if you are familiar with IOS recovery mode.

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