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House of the Dead series Seg blown first the way to showrooms in 1996, long before it has been a zombie game fortress today. These light rifle guards were very popular with their physical peripherals still a real attraction at a time when the beginning of the console domuwyłaniają as dominant to prove.

Before they were cool

This third tranche, The House of the Dead III, was no exception. Arcade game was a plastic pumpgun zombies vasDomenna screen, thatAdding a feeling of belonging, just can not find a home system. Problematic however, none of these tactile stimulus does not lead to the PC version.

Move the cursor on the screen using the mouse or controller (unless you are one of the few people out there with a little pistoletemPC) does nothing to play joy arcade games. While this port makes some interesting additions that the game (vashpersonazhi guns and hand modeled on the screen)Feel more involved will help you, you simply can not fill what has been lost.


Technically, but there is nothing wrong with this port. It looks good and works well enough for video options to ensure that even if you are playing the old, non-computer games, you should be able to find a way byuruchom it. Once done, you can start in addition to the zombies rays, but you want, and the graphics, animationsEnjoy, pop the head.

Unfortunately, as you can, there is very little real game. It is annoying, small degustatorkompletny product that does not even allow you to complete the prolog. If you want to make sure that the House of the Dead III is being executed on your computer, it is definitely worth the efforts if you make a request.


TechnicznieWłaściwy and kind of fun, it is the home of the dead III study unfortunately does not come vystachayezavdyakyHis brevity and concessions had to be made to bring him home.

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