Five Nights at Freddy

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Five nights at Freddys hitting indie game that not only spawned several imitators, but as the computer and mobile devices with a unique play of the waves and jump real scary.

The game went on to produce four sequels, each of which adds something new, but is now fifth on garyzontseiThis time we have an interesting name: Sister Location. Prepare for all new fears zapazvaneprez night, with new characters, horrendous.

What to expect from twin

For beginners, five nights a Freddys, the game is surprisingly simple. As vsedobraya small game studio, it tradesin an attractive and instead of a mechanical cutting edge graphics, or more labels.

You play a security guard Freddie katoFazbears pizzeria with children animatronic bear mascot. Oversized creatures sing and dance for children, but at night, they’re much more sinister. they spreadthrough the restaurant, murder in their hearts. Youd think akanmudah, to avoid catching them, but the catch is that the government can not watch all the cameras and locked all the doors simultaneously. Sooner or later, get pryvyadekab known FNaFskochi scary!

first look at the new face Freddys

The game looks setfor the continuation of the popular mechanical based, it would seem, the game HUD display. The name of the game, hinted at the restaurant two or theme, but the developer Scott Cotonou tricks mempunyaibeberapa byaspekiyago.

The remaining five nights at Freddys igraizvesten with hidden secrets and keys, building traditions of the game.There is also a book and talking movies, so maybe Sister will delve into the story and flesh Freddys world.

Graphics, video, released so far show the steps in the complex, and quality engineering. It is hard to find in this game, so shrouded in shadow, but Animatronics look mempunyaikiraanpoligonhigher than before. The atmosphere of tension and darkness, of course, still in place, playing with the tropes of horror classics like flatteramanitory and terrible characters.

In fact, this contribution is set to introduce a new animatronic killer clown, a woman, whose identity and relationship with Freddieunknown. Maybe sister figure in the development process, but one thing is for sure- it Isnt friends.

They make a violation of the franchise

izchetyreh and RPG titles have been released in five nights Freddys new name may seem superfluous. the game will need to introduce new mechanics and characters to keepthings interesting, so that fans of Freddie, of course, to enjoy this title.

Considering the game is often a word you can think of a sister-there is always the last episode of the game. We hope that this episode will continue a series of live, not only emphasized by repeatingideaadalah.

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