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By Invaders 5 is a frantic shooter, where hordes removal intergalactic Chicken Invaders is the only way to save our precious land! Smart graphics and animations impressive action based shooting in space not much fun.

remove to board his boat on intruders

Chicken Invaders 5 places you in the cockpit of your spaceship, at a time when the poles foreigners invaded Earth. The game revolves basically a high octane with skieterywedstryduncartoon-like fun. The real action can be wonderfully intense than once on the screen up to 200 chickens waiting to remove just waiting. Besides easy to defend the planet, the player can even travel 12 galaxies original battle with the waves of intergalactic chickens. cooperative mode allows up to three other players for the invaders to help in cleaning out. There otherwordlyMissionen and a wide range of upgrades and unlockable armaspara assume secrets.

shootintense action

At 5 Invaders is an action game triggers to achieve the goal, a wave is taking the invaders feather. There are some epic battles to turn, and it’s especially fun when you play with a friend or two. Sure, desolate and really quite fun, graphics mitBunte and original soundtrack.

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