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MAGIX Video Pro X 8 (x64)

MAGIX Video Pro X is the perfect app for Intuitive and powerful video editing. This multi award-winning video editing package focuses on the special needs of ambitious and professional users, and offers an unrivaled range of powerful post-production tools.

an editing alamuvideo

Access to detailed editing options, better performance and movie effects on the quality of picture and sound.

video production

Choose from a wide spektrainstrumenti GPU for image vervolmaakjou as new effectsvideo, precision measuring instruments and Multicam editing.


In real time audio mixer, control key personnel and sample-accurate editing and offers a bunch of effects of all required notices to optimize sound quality.


Access all devices, such as plug-in package NevBlue looks like an attractive color filters and madharampito, or proDAD Mercalli v2 includes a full image stabilization.

kojiKljučne characteristics:

-Professional Format Support (ProRes, AVC-local, etc.)

– Scalable editingrather smooth video editing 4K

– Primary and secondary 3-way color correction

– Multicam editinghadi nine tracks at one time

– Comprehensive action camera support

– Surround sound editing in broadcast quality

Hardware Decode in HD and UHD (,)

– Do not NevBlue best quality color filters memorable films

What’s new in MAGIX Video Pro X 8:


download Visualvan’n feature video on the other. Software matches the color and tone of the two different video oneone.

360-degree camera editing

Video Pro X offers a range of options for editing photographs of the latest 360-degree camera.

4K / animation division

Use devices and makalamaelezo 4K image and create a low resolution image.

NevBlue film seems Size:

– Change the color and brightness to your filmKlasičan appearance.

– Color Fixer PRO: Adjust the color balance, saturation and image helderheidvan.

– Graduated Tint Refresh Image color by using various filters.

– PodSpotlight: Set the environmentpictures under floodlights.

– Light PRO: Resistance to heat, light and add highlights to the original image.

Advanced features exposure

colors and tons of depth adjustment allows for precise come to the office and through individual RGB.

Movie title templates

ya250 kojiviše new title template has been completely redesigned and has a modern look and structure.

OpenFKS support

Now you can use standard devices like video OpenFKS directly from Media Pool.


Video Pro X is the world’s first videoediting program for vifaakuongeza Intel supports ultra fast speed.

Native ProRes Support

The latest version includes built-in support for Apple ProRes video codec. Virtual CloneDrive 5

New in this version:

* Fixed problems Suvoz KSF Br

* Fixed a rare drop when HEVC allow exports

* Let’s stretch of very small objects in schedule

Click on slideukubwa space / dialog can now be used again as usual

* Values ​​in space / size dialog work again whengame cursor is moved

* Visual effects adjusting the position / size distribution in all channels (GPU processor)

* Fixed image distortion associated space / Size and piece of government

* Fixed image distortion related piece of power rotacijomi

* Fixed related title and minimize the impact of

* Fixed crash when reusing previously disabled harmful effects on the eye

* Fixed an error that prevents empty “video level” keyframing

* Fiked accident whileexiting Multicam

* Audio recording is not completed when you press the ESC key in another program

* Fiked bug that can come to the finish in the first run of the program

* Fixed crash in camera / travel zum Interview

* Fixed crash when menjanjubroj observers in the work nabaada support

* Black frames away in a file agent as “trimming video” option is enabled

* Fixed crash when loading kragtemplates

* Fixed death pictures (BMP) and alteredsize and keyframe

* Fiked bug where the facility is in a closed circuit, eliminating consider the impact is / Design on it

* Fixed crash when using very long run file

* Add error when loading invalid table

* Fiksninezgode when loading an unacceptable value table

* Fiked bug saving / loading projects with a value table

* Improved speed of bonds is based ngikutafuta table

* Fixed an error in the update overview of the monitor when changing table option-

*Fixed several strikes in the power budget

* Improve the quality of edges and moving objects

* Fiked bug that could (especially head) flash animation objects briefly when they go in inayoonekanasehemu

* Fiked bug where objekatopet briefly appeared in the original position (only if the object is moved from the originally displayed on the screen)

* Color the damage done in effect Brightness / Contrast save only the beginning or end of the stage Curve

* Improved speed for more eye / effects animation

* Fikedbug when loading / storing critical points of impact OpenFKS

* Correct values ​​indicated in the conversation when the effect OpenFKS or small items from the list of actions and introduction

* Alpha channel devices can be turned off in a chroma key dialog now

* Correct button investigated Statementmwangaza and chroma Kei talks

* Fixed problem with Mercalli image stabilization and interlaced material (DVD)

* Full directory path of the project show talks restart

* Causeanimation improved (Click characteristics, performance, add new cards) and eliminate accidents

* Fixes Minor user interface and localization



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