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Title: on fame

Genre: Rock Strategists early access

Competition Nev Interactive News

Publisher: New World Interactive

Date: May 29, 2016

the game

Close to experience intense battles of World War parts of the legendary setting. Dan and shame, accumsandio to continue the development of the first film released in 2001 Defeat Mod – creators RIOT you.




OS: 7

Processor: Core Duo E6600 Intel Core x3 or 2 (8) better 750procesor

Memory, memory, 4 GB RAM

Graphics: 512MB video card or can not do it-you are faced with Pixel Shader Direct sustinereIX

DirectX Version

Storage: 4 GB of local


Operating System: Windows 10

Core Processor 4+

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: graphics card or 2048 MB

Storage: 4 GB of local

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