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The young law student blindly agreement with a man who offered to kill his stepfather, whom he felt responsible for the accident and sent his mother into a coma. law students and the good guy, Harper, suspecting that intrigue her stepfather, Vincent, who is responsible for a car accident that sent her into a coma. Drowning his sorrows at the bar one night whiskey bad situation, Harper przerwanaprzez Redneck stare named Johnny Ray tribute to “keep”stepfather untukThe oerswm US $ 20,000. Anger, seeking revenge and fueled by alcohol, Harper accepted the offer and spent the rest of the shots in the night with Johnny Ray Downing. The next day, Harper stood up for the mother of all intoxicated with a vague memory of the events of the previous night. He answered a knock on the door, she was surprised, Johnny Ray and his girlfriend piÄ™knyale far, cherry, ready and waiting to go to Vegas to kill Vincent. Harper says he was drunk and did not know what hewneudgolyguJohnny Ray is nothing more dangerous than a brutal day. Harper quickly realize that this is not a simple way; …

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