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Control reality PES 2017s last feature, but it was enough to beat the FIFA once and for all?

Big changes ruhuSamae major changes in PES 2017 as compared to its predecessors, this is called Reality control. Control is the reality flashy name means a new control system that allows for effective management of players (if they have the ball or not). The new implementation wzmacniaPro Evolution Soccer as an outstanding football game FIFA and allowed to takecrown for vidovishchav.fizika balls have also been improved and now moves magkanomas naturally and realistically in this field. If you are at your disposal, you will have more control than ever before. This improvement will have a huge impact on the way you are able to keep the ball and avoid the attack of the defense and also try prettyimpressivemety.PES 2017 was more physical than any of his earlier, the fight becomes harder and dirtierthan ever. You can forget about spravyadlivaygulyats prepare to ride and easy to handle. Goalkeepers also improved by using ngartificial intelligence, that is to say, they rarely make mistakes, and seemed to know the area very good goals, so that only BramkitrochÄ™ more than skladana.U this point, artificial intelligence generally adapted to the game and defensive tactics depend on aksyon.AI can finally teach you as a player and take appropriate action.

OnlypatrabavalnyhgeymeravZ players more control, more realistic movement of the balls, games and support more advanced AI, Pro Evolution Soccer will be the strongest and purestlaro and realism is zaniepokojony.Wszystko indicates that PES 2017 will be a special match for demanding gamers who are not concerned about the monuments or gameplay with dozens of license. Are you one of them?

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