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It can not be as easy as it looks to delete a file from your computer. Sometimes you get an error message that the file is being used by another program, and can not be removed. What can you get the solution called the Unlocker Portable is a simple tool that can get rid of these stubborn files that can not be removed in the usual way. Portable Unlocker is dead easy to use, but a little differentAs the desktop version. Whileportable version, this information is not contained in Windows Explorer.So instead of the right side of a locked file, you can get it from the same program kies.Jy will be located between deleting the file, renaming it or copying it to another Move move to select. If the selected task can not be completed immediately, the next time begin.Unlocker computer will exit no other options or configuration settingscarry. It is designed to do just that to tuneine thing, but do it bardzor├│wnie┼╝. If you frequently have problems with locked files, this is the tool that will use na.Met Unlocker to remove these stubborn files locked by other applications or processes.

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