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Commuter Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) daily catches glimpse of seemingly perfect couple Scott and Megan, from the window of his train. After witnessing Watson and shock around the yard to strangers. Rachel told authorities that she thought she saw,Learned that Megan is obecniezaginęło and may die. You can not trust your memory, impaired women started their own investigation, and police suspect that Rachel may be too dangerous online.

RachelspustoshanyyaeA divorce recently, every time przełączanefantazjować’s perfect couple appears who lives in the house, the train runs every day until one morning she saw something alarming held and will becomeentangled in a mystery that unfolds. According to popular Paula Hawkins.

Divorce involved in missing dochodzeniuosób promises to send all his life caught.
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The girl on the train, it is about life after divorceRachel Watson. prymaenavuchats everyday I work in New York, and every day after driving his old neighborhood. She lived at home with her husband, którynadal lives with his new wife and children. When not trying to focus on her pain,She began looking for the couple lived a few houses away – Megan and Scott Hipwell.
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It’s a beautiful dream life for them in the head, how happy they are suitable rodzina.Aż one day when a train passes,You saw something alarming, filling it with anger. Prachynaetstsaz hangover the next day, severe injuries and bruises, and memories of that night. She just has a feeling that something bad has happened.Then manage TV: MeganHipwell not. Rachel will be invested in the case and trying to figure out what happened to Megan, where it is, and that same night Megan was missing.


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